JOHN BENNETT is confident Rangers will be in a state of self-sustainability within the next 18 months as the champions continue to progress on and off the park.

Steven Gerrard's side will return to Champions League action next term following their historic 55th title success this season and that will be another major cash boost on the back of their impressive Europa League efforts in recent years.

Rangers have benefitted from several million pounds worth of investment from board members and external money men throughout the rebuilding process that has taken them back to the summit of Scottish football.

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And vice-chairman Bennett knows the club must continue to stem their losses after posting a £15.9million deficit for the financial year to June 30, 2020, as further cash was put into the squad that Gerrard would guide to title glory.

“In the accounts we made it clear about the funding needs and deficit going forward and how we planned to meet that," Bennett said during a podcast with The Louden Tavern.

“That of course has been through the investors and remains the investors.

“The deficit we did have is coming down. It's been our job to do what we've done, deliver 55, go toe-to-toe with top teams in Europe but do so while heading towards sustainability.

“So the funding deficit is down – but it isn't out. It won't be done by the financial year ending June 2022 – but sometime in the next 12 to 18 months we really want to be there.

“Transfer windows will have really big part to play in that. Let's wait and see.

“But if I see the rate we've whittled down the financial deficit, which is still meaningful, then within the next 12 to 18 months – and we need things to go our way – I think we're looking at financial self sustainability.

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“No club should run on financial deficit after financial deficit – least of all this club which has been kicked from pillar to post in so many ways in the last decade.

“We mustn't ever again go to a level of overreach where we jeopardise this club. Never again."