ANY investment in the area would be welcomed (Robroyston locals are asked to give their views on a major new development, Wednesday).

But how many local people are really going to benefit?

The area requires improved local bus links to cope with more jobs.

Many current employees have to use taxis to commute to this area.

Robert Gray

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THE site is well provided by the local half-hourly bus service (Mon-Sat only) that goes through Parkhead/Riddrie/Provanmill and Barmulloch/ Balornock/Springburn/Possil.

Much-needed employment for those areas is surely welcome.

The problems develop though because of the already badly-designed road layout at the Asda Roundabout and the Robroyston train station/M80 slip roads.

It is already a bottle neck during peak times without the addition of numerous delivery vehicles with tight delivery schedules to keep.

Kevan Navek

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PEOPLE in Glasgow and Newton Mearns recently requested that people stop feeding the pigeons in George Square – making the claim that these birds were disgusting and disease-ridden and left a mess.

One person even claimed that these innocent birds should be exterminated.

People are so wrong. Unlike the recent scenes in George Square involving Rangers fans, the pigeons are only trying to survive, whereas the fans have destroyed some of the statues in the square, broke the benches, and left the square in a horrific state, causing the tax payers a bill of tens of thousands of pounds.

It is not the pigeons we should be concerned about. It’s the mindless morons allowed into the city centre by the council.

Instead of fining these morons, the SNP government has now approved a fan zone in Glasgow which can hold up to 6000 football supporters per day during the Euro 2020 matches.

When is the Scottish government going to stop pandering to football and their destruction of our city?

People need to get their facts right and complain about the actual problems in George Square, which is the protest marches, the football supporters and the council.

Leave the wildlife in the city centre alone and take action against those who are causing the real problems