Nicola Sturgeon said Glasgow must remain in a higher level of lockdown than the rest of Scotland for the time being.

But she said a decision will be taken again next Wednesday and from next Saturday the plan would be to move to level two if numbers begin to fall.

The First minister said case numbers in the city are "uncomfortably high".

She said it would be "premature to move out of level two immediately while the situation remains fragile."

She said the Incident Management Team said it would support a move to level two at the end of next week.

Sturgeon said in Glasgow cases have risen by 30% in the last week.

However, she said measures in place are seeing the situation stabilise and could be starting to improve it.

She said new cases were falling in the postcodes with the highest cases and the number of covid patients in hospital has remained stable.

Across Scotland, she said cases were rising.

Sturgeon said: "Aspects give cause for concern but others give cause for optimism.

"The phase we are now in, I very much hope is a transition phase.

"We do think vaccination is changing the impact the virus has. But our understanding of this is still developing. It is not complete.

"For now we still need to exercise a degree of caution."

She said "Case numbers are rising across Scotland. More than double what they were in early May.

Sturgeon said the R number could be as high as 1.3, significantly driven by Glasgow.