SURPRISE, surprise, Glasgow is staying in level three until the end of next week.

And then at the end of the following week, the Euros kick off and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon allows Glasgow to go to tier two.

This is all about money from Uefa, she knows if she does not allow fans into games, then Uefa has said that it would move it to where fans can get in.

Davie F Mackenzie

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GLASGOW City Council states in their strategy document one of their key aims is ‘to improve the chances and choices for all our citizens.’

I must say in trying to access the council tax department it has been nothing short of a disaster.

During the pandemic, I tried phoning, sending letters, trying to access an office that was opened but the council was using its excuse to hide behind Covid-19.

I can’t see how this process was improving the quality of life of a citizen.

I had to go through their appeals procedure twice as they would suggest writing to them or use their online chat.

What if I am a resident who isn’t computer literate?

The only way I got an answer was by writing to their Director of Finance. There must be thousands of unsatisfactory experiences like mine.

Name and address supplied

WITH regards to the letter from Clark Cross on electric scooters – I agree but now in town I have seen over the past week an electric moped on the Broomielaw and one-wheel pint scooters which are illegal in the UK being used.

Police don’t seem to stop cyclist e-scooters and as for running through lights only matter of time before fatalities. Why are they not getting charged with use of phones on roads or cycling or is it only drivers who get charged?

Let traffic wardens also issue fines. The council has to do something before people get hurt on pavements too.

D Lambert


IRONIC that the worst Covid-hit areas are in the patch of the First Minister and Health Secretary.

Surely there is statistically stable information to pinpoint the problem issues and concentrate on them.

I don’t see how a local lockdown is any more difficult to enforce than a ban on travelling from the likes of Clydebank and Bishopbriggs into Glasgow.

I suspect that there a few vested interests in all of this.

William Laird

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I CAN’T wait for the Euros to start next month.

It’s exciting to look at the Scotland squad and actually feel as if we might have a chance to win matches. It’s just a pity we can’t have as many fans as we would like at the games.

Colin Allan