READERS posted many comments online following the death of our talented colleague Jamie Shuttleworth. Here’s a selection...

IT’S just so sad. I read the article that Jamie wrote about dealing with mental health and depression.

I suffered from depression since I was 16. I am 37 and still struggle. I am just so sorry to hear about his passing.
Carragh McInnes

I DON’T know Jamie personally but feel I know a little about him due to his own writings and what has been written about him in this article and others and what comes across quite clearly is just how special he was.

It’s an absolute tragedy when one has been taken so young but I hope his family, friends and colleagues can take a little comfort knowing that they and Jamie are in the thoughts and prayers of

so many people. May he rest in peace.
JP B2019

SORRY to hear this news. Jamie shared his story a few weeks back and I’m sad to hear this today.

Jamie, rest in peace young man. My thoughts are with your family and the families of others who have passed recently.
Kenny Maidin