A THUG attacked an Asian man on a train after shouting "coronavirus" at his victim. 

Passengers were stunned when the rammy broke out on a train while it was stationary at Partick at around 6pm on Saturday, according to an eyewitness who did not want to be named. 

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Glasgow Times:

The 23-year-old said: "This Chinese student was getting off the train with his friends when the fight broke out.

"This young man said shouted something about coronavirus and the Chinese guy turned around. He then said: Are you f****** stupid? 

"Then he hit the victim on the back of his head as he was turned around to get off the train. The boy hit the deck but quickly got back up and joined a large group of his mates, there must have been around 10-12 of them on the platform."

Glasgow Times: GV of Partick bus terminus adjacent to Partick train station, Glasgow...   Photograph by Colin Mearns.1 September 2017.

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The attacker was still on the train when it left Bellgrove station, heading in the direction of Airdrie, according to the source. 

He was described as a young man between the ages of 16-20, white, around five feet and eight inches tall and of a slim build. He had brown hair and was wearing a red top and red shorts. 

A spokesman for the British Transport Police confirmed the force was aware of the incident and investigating.