WHILE the lifting of restrictions is welcome and long overdue, it will stick in the throats of both Nicola Sturgeon and Jason Leitch to allow hospitality to reopen.

Mr Gold from the Heilan Jessie is spot on in this week’s letters.

I’ve said many times, both the First Minister and Mr Leitch have personal agendas against alcohol in my opinion.

I feel they will use the least excuse to close it down again if they can.

D Mclean

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MAYBE Glasgow City Council leader Susan Aitken could pull some weeds out along Springburn Road (Ambitious Clyde Climate Forest will plant 10 trees for every person in Glasgow City Region, Tuesday).

We have a large variety of thistles and dandelions across from Sighthill cemetery

The entire length of Springburn has been ignored by local councillors.

Robert Gray

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ALL police officers should wear body cams as a matter of course (Do you think cops should wear body cameras? Police Scotland want to hear from you, Tuesday).

If they’re worn then it can quickly disprove or prove any allegations of police brutality very quickly, any abuse of power by the police and will give the police a good source of evidence against anyone who is breaking the law and abusing the police.

Alex Rhymer

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IT’S for the safety of our officers and the public and we must get on with it. Other countries use the system, so why not Scotland?

Beth Morrison

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LET me see if I understand this (‘A shambles’: Glasgow reacts as Euro fan zone tickets sell out ‘in seconds’, Glasgow Times online).

City centre pubs are too dangerous to operate at more than 1/3 capacity, yet having 6000 folk in a temporary location with temporary infrastructure somehow is safe? Is this for real?

H Hart

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