SO there we have it.

Back down to Level 2 at the weekend, thank goodness for that.

It’s been some journey – these last few weeks, this year, the whole 15 months since this bloody pandemic reared its head.

All I want for summer is that we don’t go backwards again and we can all have a clean run at things during the “holiday” months – ideally in Level 1 before too much longer.

I’m not being greedy, that’s all I ask, but if I was being greedy, all I’d want for summer would be ...

  • The vaccination programme accelerating through the rest of the Glasgow population
  • Scotland to beat the Czechs in our opening game of the Euros
  • The hospitality trade getting a big boost after they can properly re-open
  • £5 for every time someone asked me “busy tonight, driver?”
  • Scotland to win at Wembley in our second game of the Euros
  • For the children who benefit from the annual charity trip to Troon to have a magic day despite not being able to travel
  • An ice cream, a 99, especially this week!
  • Scotland to beat Croatia in our third group game at the Euros
  • Someone to explain the new traffic system up at Garscube Road, near Firhill – WTF!
  • That everyone, overnight, stops dropping litter and enables this great city to always look its sparkling best
  • Scotland to win the Euros ...

I’ve taken that too far, haven’t I?

Ach well – if even half of the above come true I’d be delighted.

Have a great Glasgow summer, everyone.

And stay safe.