NOW that Glasgow is awash with cycle lanes, isn’t it time to bring in bicycle tax and registration scheme to recoup the expense of cycle lanes after all every other road user has to pay some form of taxation to use Glasgow’s roads.

A visual registration plate on bicycles would help identify cyclists who flout the highway code by ignoring red lights and cycling on pavements and should lead to fines being imposed by such offenders – time to pay as we all do.

Robert Gray

Via email

SO we are to have plain-clothed police officers on bikes in cycle lanes to make sure motorists do not drive too closely to cyclists.

I thought I had heard all the idiotic ideas Police Scotland could have thought of but no, while crime runs riot in our communities cops in bikes will watch you are not driving to close to the poor cyclist who despite paying nothing towards the roads think they own it.



WHAT a wonderful picture you printed of Sammy Davis Jr out on the streets of Glasgow (Stars in Glasgow: Memo ries of Mario and meeting Sammy on the street, June 2), although I fear he missed out on Paisley’s delights.

To know so many artists of such talent visited streets we still walk is a potent reminder that while our culture has been locked down for months now, it will rise and once again attract the stars. Though they might have to settle for Slaters rather than Rowan’s these days, alas.

I should add that the visit was (very slightly) before my time, but my parents made sure I was familiar with his incredible musical talents. I do wonder whether the kids of today will be able to pass on their Westlife and Girls Aloud tales in the same way?



IT’S great to see people in the East End supporting the workers of McVitie’s who are faced with job losses.

What a devastating impact the closure would have on this area which is already facing high unemployment. I hope the firm has a change of heart, but I fear the decision is already made.

Linda Walker