A GLASGOW councillor who tweeted about Scotland hating the UK has said her family has received threats as she reiterated her apology.

Councillor Rhiannon Spear, who chairs the city’s education committee, faced a backlash last month after her Twitter comment during the Eurovision Song Contest final.

When the committee met today, Tory councillor Euan Blockley asked her to consider her position as chairwoman, saying he had received complaints from parents.

After the UK finished in last place during the contest, Cllr Spear had tweeted: “It’s ok Europe, we hate the United Kingdom too. Love Scotland.”

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Cllr Blockley said councillors had a “responsibility to set an example to Glasgow’s pupils” and asked for an apology to parents and students.

He added: “While you’re entitled to your own views regarding the current constitutional settlement of the United Kingdom, there will be many children across Glasgow, and parents who have been in touch with me, who refute your hatred of this country and find your comments deeply unsettling.”

In response, Cllr Spear said she had “made a public apology for anyone who I upset”.

“I made a joke on social media, it was obviously taken the wrong way and I deeply apologise for anyone I’ve offended.”

She accused Cllr Blockley and other political opponents of “political posturing”.

“The amount of abuse and hatred I have received myself, that has been exacerbated and inflamed by my political opponents, who wish to see me receive such abuse, has been abhorrent.

“I would like everyone to be mindful for their conduct. As I said, I apologise for any offence caused but I believe the political posturing that has happened since the event, only seeks to drive division, and seeks to inflame political debate.

“The hatred that I have received in the past week, the threats made against myself, and my family are abhorrent.

“If you can’t see that has happened on both sides of the debate, it does a disservice to yourself.”