The boss of one of Scotland’s biggest outdoor events promoters has accused Professor Jason Leitch of leading a "project fear” campaign.

Geoff Ellis, chief executive of DF concerts, who runs the TRNSMT festival in Glasgow criticised the National Clinical Director, and said the social distancing rules need to be scrapped next month to allow events to go ahead.

Mr Ellis said if the rules are removed in England this month, then Scotland has to follow suit.

Speaking at a Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, Glasgow Talks event he warned that business was being lost to England as there is more assurances that events will go ahead this summer.

The music promoter criticised professor Leitch for his regular appearances on media like BBC Radio Scotland’s Off The Ball.

Glasgow Times:

He said: “We are living in project fear in Scotland led by Jason Leitch on a comedy football chat show. He referred to venues as ‘dark and dingy basements’. He said that about nightclubs. He shouldn’t be.”

Mr Ellis said it was not viable to run events with any social distancing measures in place.

He said: “Level zero is still two metre distancing so we need to get beyond level zero before events take place in Scotland.

"It’s not just events but the whole tourism and hospitality sector. People are losing jobs and businesses are going under.

“What’s stopping events is it is not viable, they can’t go on at two metre social distancing or one metre.”

He said on June 14 a decision would be made by the UK Government on removing social distancing in England and urged the Scottish Government to do the same.

He said:“We are seeing suppliers taking work in England because the certainty doesn’t exist in Scotland.They are getting assurances they can’t get in Scotland.

“I believe the Scottish Government will relieve the social distancing restrictions soon if England announce opening, Scotland has to follow.”

He said 2022 was going to be a “bumper year” for Scotland.

Glasgow Times:

He added: It is going to be very busy next year, with big events and festivals. It’s going to be a bumper year for Scotland. We need to make sure there is enough of an industry left to ensure they go ahead.”

A Scottish Government spokesman, said: “We do not underestimate the severe impact the pandemic is having on the events sector and we want all businesses to be able to plan effectively for a full reopening but we must continue to move very carefully to ensure continued suppression of COVID-19.

“The Scottish Government is reviewing physical distancing, and an announcement of the outcome of this review is due shortly. Physical distancing has been an important tool for controlling the virus but, as with all restrictions, we will only have this in place as long as is necessary.”