YET again with another devastating fire in Glasgow we are reminded of the bravery and skill of our firefighters and emergency services.

They really are a credit to this city and our government should remember this when it comes to the next round of pay negotiations.

Alan Fraser


I’M excited to hear that we will be entering Level 2 lockdown this weekend.

It’s good news for the hospitality sector which has been waiting months for this time to come.

I hope everyone sticks to the restrictions that have been set

out and we can move forward


Anne Drummond


IT’S been great reading your columnist Mrs Conetta’s stories and recipes and her recent tale about the customer who got locked in to the Buoni – the Buon Appetito in Rutherglen – made me laugh.

Cafes like the Buoni are what every community needs – somewhere friendly and cheerful, where the staff look after you and everyone can relax – especially in these worrying times.

Long may the Buoni continue.

Ella Dawson


I’M irritated to hear about the seemingly constant delays at the SSE Hydro for a coronavirus jags.

I am waiting for my own appointment and I am dreading having to go through such a large queue.

Why isn’t this being managed better? Appointment times should be adhered to.

M Mulligan


I DO not understand why half of the Glasgow Green has been closed off days ahead of the Euro fan zone being used.

Surely during a pandemic we should keep green spaces open to the public for as long as possible.

While I am not the biggest fan of the fan zone itself, what I truly do not understand is why half of the park has been sealed off so early on.

What is the point of blocking off the space just so two security guards can stand in it for the next week.

Claire Rhodes


I HOPE Glasgow City Council Scrutiny Committee will be looking at the £400,000 spent on minibuses for binmen (Glasgow Times, Thursday).

I am sure this could’ve gone to re-instate and keep the free bulk-uplift service. Is this another bad decision by the council?

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