Nicola Sturgeon has urged people to be cautious as Glasgow moves down to level two lockdown tomorrow.

It means people can visit other households indoors for the first time in nine months and hospitality can serve alcohol indoors again.

She said cases were rising again and the latest positive cases, more than 900, was the highest since February 19.

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But she also said more and more people were being vaccinated and more have had two doses.

The First Minister said: “As you can see the vaccination programme continues to progress extremely well. However as you can clearly see we are at a very critical juncture in what we hope is a transition in how we deal with Covid.

“The position we are in now is fragile.”

She confirmed the move to level 2 for Glasgow goes ahead as planned but she urged people to take care.

Sturgeon said: “Glasgow, which has had the toughest restrictions for the longest time, is going to level 2.

"It will be a great relief to people in the city where it’s been nine months since visiting indoors has been possible.

“Please be careful, stay outside as much as you can, especially if someone is not double vaccinated yet.

“If meeting indoors, stick to the limits, which is six from three households and keep windows open.

“We can’t throw caution to the wind. The situation demands caution.”

The latest statistics show there were 992 new cases recorded in the last 24 hours. Including 304 in Greater Glasgow and Clyde and 213 in Lothian.

On vaccinations 3,326,005 have had a first dose, including 20,193 yesterday.

Also 32,952 had second dose yesterday, taking the total to 2,170,570.