I WILL be getting myself down tout suite to the Barras photography exhibition celebrating 100 years of this fine Glasgow institution.

It is a tremendous asset to us Glaswegians and I’m sure many others will love the chance to get stuck into the fascinating history of this strange and unique corner of the city.

G. Scott,

Merchant City

I WOULD like to extend my condolences to the Conservative Party councillors appearing on your pages.

They seem truly committed campaigners in improving the state of our city’s bin collections which is a worthy cause indeed.

Yet even they must cringe seeing the rubbish Douglas Ross comes out with every time he pops up.

In a crisis, an effective opposition is key, but the man can’t seem to make up his mind whether we should have a Scotland-wide lifting of lockdown or some sort of bizarre hyper-localised option. Ruth Davidson is apparently not able to take up her seat in the House of Lords because she has yet to pick her “title”. Is indecision a requirement for leading this party? Or is it just a lack of principles?

Colin W

I FIND it absolutely incredible that the council has spent nearly £400,000 on minibuses to cart clenny workers around.

Surely in this day and age it would be far more prudent to just buy some?

C Brodie

I READ with interest your article on concert promoter Geoff Ellis calling for an end to social distancing so he can make money from events.

It will happen soon enough, Mr Ellis, then you can get back to holding them upside down by the ankles and vigorously shaking them until every penny falls out.

G Sharp

TOTALLY agree with LJT and Robert Gray’s letters (June 3).

If you’ve ever drove behind [a cyclist] for any length of time, you see they have a different perspective to a car driver. They can’t decide whether to be a vehicle or a pedestrian.

Some cycle two abreast and have a wee snigger at their power to slow traffic.

Drivers need to be extra cautious around them due to their unpredictability.

There definitely should be a road tax introduced for them and possible license but it won’t happen.

And what about the ones who don’t wear a helmet? Whose side would the police be on then?

Mrs D