Earliest memory of Glasgow? Getting my hair cut on a chair in the kitchen by my auntie. She wasn’t a hairdresser but she did a good job. I loved the smell of the shampoo she used. She used to joke about using a bowl to cut my brother’s hair and he’d run away. I must have been about three or four at the time.

Describe your house: We lived on one of Glasgow’s new schemes at the time, Castlemilk. I can remember every inch of our garden because it felt like a big luxury, lots of my friends at school didn’t have one. My dad even tried to plant potatoes – not sure it was ever that successful. The house was small but it had three bedrooms and a bathroom.

Favourite local cinema? The State was one of the ones I liked the most – it had a fancy outside, with neon lights that lit up the whole street. Going with your pals was one of the best things ever.

Favourite local shop? The Looking Glass, it was like an Aladdin’s cave of treasure for kids. Still remember peering in at all the toys and wishing I had enough pocket money to buy something every day. You could press the wee button at the side of the case and make all the stuff inside move round. That was amazing for us kids.

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Where did you go dancing? When we were teenagers we got dolled up and got the bus into town and went to the Plaza. I never stopped loving the cinema though, and once I got a job that’s what I liked spending my money on. Action movies, thrillers, romance – loved it all. I still go to the cinema when I can (though not at the moment, of course.)

Best thing about growing up in Glasgow? It was a big city but it felt small because your neighbours looked out for you.

Happiest childhood memory: Playing outside all day, building dens, running home to get a piece with sugar and butter (we weren’t posh enough for jam). I’m a pensioner now but I still think back to those days and thank my lucky stars I grew up in those times. Fresh air, friendship and community were all that mattered. Happy days.