BACK in the late 60s and early 70s, Joseph Totten recalls playing in a football team at St Benedict’s Chapel in Easterhouse.

Now his daughter Tracy is hoping to track down some of her dad’s former teammates and any old photos she can find.

“My dad can’t remember the name of the team which obviously doesn’t help,” she laughs. “But he remembers it was around 1969, 1970, and it was an ‘unofficial Celtic team’ who played at St Benedict’s.

“He’s trying to track down the photos that were taken after the games, and he really regrets not getting any copies at the time, or signatures.

“It’s something that is really close to his heart, and I wondered if Times Past could help? It’s his birthday soon and I’d love to surprise him.”

Can you help Tracy? Glasgow was full of youth and amateur teams in the 60s and 70s, many of which no longer exist. We’d love to hear your stories and memories of those clubs – get in touch and let us know if you can help Tracy and Joseph.

Email or write to Ann Fotheringham, Glasgow Times, 125 Fullarton Drive, Glasgow G32 8FG