OUR CITY loves public art and magnificent murals have been springing up all over Glasgow in recent years.

But do you remember the Lochend Mosaic?

When it was unveiled in Easterhouse in June 1984, it was the biggest hand-built mural in Britain and regarded as one of the best examples of community art in existence.

Now its amazing story is being revisited as part of Glasgow International, a visual arts festival which runs from June 11 to 27.

Recalled to Life is a short film by Walker and Bromwich which reveals what happened to the impressive artwork.

Many Times Past readers will remember the mural.

A mural by Glasgow artist Rogue One. Pic: Kirsty Anderson

A mural by Glasgow artist Rogue One. Pic: Kirsty Anderson

“Gasps of delight were heard all over Easterhouse today as Britain’s biggest mural was unveiled in the centre of the Glasgow housing estate,” reported the Evening Times on the day of the big reveal.

“Several thousand local people had gathered to watch the wraps being taken off the hand-built mural made up of millions of tiny coloured ceramic tiles.”

The report continued: “They were not disappointed.

“The richly coloured mural stood out among the grey houses and shops, bringing a touch of art to the Easterhouse scheme.”

Big Rory, the popular 80s stiltwalker, and Lord Provost Bob Gray, were among dozens of local dignitaries and celebrities to attend the event at the corner of Lochend Road and Auchengill Road.

There was a carnival, live music, puppet shows, discos, competitions and evening cabaret and dance events too.

The mural itself, which was the brainchild of the Easterhouse Festival Society, was quite a sight.

Stretching to 240 feet long and covering an area of 1500 square feet, it was floodlit at night.

“The east wall, a landscape, begins with a tableaux of leaves, birds, insects and foliage.

“In the middle is a large pond scene with ducks, dragonflies and other pond creatures.

“Further along there are two monuments, with Father Time contemplating the scene. The east wall ends with a seascape in which an ancient mariner watches his sinking ship, the launch of a toy yacht and a balloon carrying off a bomb.

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“The panels in the west wall are designed in the form of a three-act play in which various themes are explored: people’s feelings that decision-making about their lives is outside their control; gambling; and the effects of chance on people’s existence.”

Our report, alongside a picture of young Tony Harris looking delighted about the new artwork, concluded: “Residents hope that the mural, which took three years to produce and cost £100,000, will breathe new life into the big housing scheme.”

Sadly, the mural suffered weather damage and was eventually taken down in 2004.

The Lochend Road Mosaic Mural and Environmental Project involved a number of artists working with local people – were you one of them?

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