DAVE KING reckons the history of Rangers and current situation at Celtic highlight the importance of supporter involvement at boardroom level.

The former Ibrox chairman has agreed a deal with Club 1872 that will see the fan organisation take on his major shareholding in RIFC plc and look to move beyond the 25 per cent share threshold.

That would effectively give supporters a veto on all major boardroom decisions and ensure that Rangers could never find themselves in a repeat situation following the most tumultuous period in their history.

And King believes there are lessons to be learned across Glasgow and across the continent as he again emphasised the need for fans to have a say in how their clubs are run.

"Absolutely," King said when asked if the European Super League proposal underlined the importance of fans having a meaningful say in their clubs. "There are a couple of things that reinforce it.

"We obviously have the history of Rangers, which was my cause for getting involved and my cause for wanting supporters involved.

"But if I look at what’s happened on the other side of Glasgow in the last year alone, I think supporters are concerned they didn’t have a voice.

"When they felt they needed a voice, it was once again demonstrated they didn’t have one, or not a meaningful voice.

"You also look at the Super League and what’s happened with clubs down south.

"When clubs are being run in a different way and money is taking over past loyalties and tradition, I think it becomes increasingly important that supporters at least have a seat at the table and are not just dealing with it after the fact all the time.

"As we know, supporters can’t change clubs. I think they are being dealt with very harshly in various circumstances because the boards of certain football clubs know the supporters are only shopping in one store."