The knowledge! A prerequisite of being a Glasgow Taxi driver.

We don’t brag about it – however we’ve all got it (I know that sounds like a brag!!).

Me and all my fellow taxi drivers have that in common – we have all passed the famous topographical test to show sufficient knowledge of Glasgow’s landmarks, locations and streets to qualify us to serve you and yours on the road.

That very knowledge has been the talk of the town this week, as you may have noticed.

You see, the training undertaken for the topographical test has been “old school” for a long time now, very much a traditional, paper-based, in-person experience.

I recall many midweek nights at HQ going through question after question as I tried to master my chosen trade.

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Now, as of this week, wannabee Glasgow taxi drivers can save themselves a whole load of hassle – and time – by doing the training from home.

That’s right readers, Glasgow topographical training is now online – woohoo!

To celebrate this, Glasgow Taxis – as you may have seen – this week launched the “Taxi 10” to allow members of the public a chance to take part in a sample of questions and see just how tough a task this is.

To say it captured the imagination of Glaswegians is an understatement – literally thousands of you had a go before it finished last night, including George Bowie at Clyde 1 and Crofty at Go Radio. Fair play, gents!

Keep an eye on Glasgow Taxis’ social media channels later this week when I hear they will announce the winner, namely the individual who managed a 10/10 in the quickest time.

Word has it the response was so beyond expectations that this could now be rolled out as an annual competition and prize – a sort of Glasgow Mastermind.

The drivers I have spoken to all claim to have raced to a 10/10. Funnily enough, that was my score too!

For avoidance of doubt, drivers – rightly – do not qualify to claim the prize which is just as well …

… as it’s a £100 Glasgow Taxi voucher!

May the best Weegie win!

Stay safe.