A POPULAR Glasgow pub has shut down an online row over whether it should fly England's flag ahead of the Euros.

Tennent's Bar found itself at the centre of a Twitter storm when a disgruntled member of the public claimed the pub was displaying the flags of seven countries - eight including Scotland - in its windows but not that of our neighbours to the South. 

But the Byres Road boozer played its ace by revealing they do show off the St George's Cross - inside. 

The pub was blasted by a Twitter user, who posted a picture with the caption: “Tennent's bar, Byres Road, Glasgow managed to get eight nations’ flags in their windows. 

“There seems to be one missing. I do hope all resident and visiting English folk remember this oversight when choosing a bar to spend their cash in.”

But while some agreed with the original poster, others hit back saying they would not expect a Scottish boozer to fly the flag of what is traditionally thought of as the country’s biggest footballing rival. 

One user responded: “It's Scotland. It's football. I do not expect that a Scottish pub will show an English flag.”

Another said: “Would recommend this pub for any of my English friends who want to watch the game in a friendly atmosphere. Good boozer to watch football in and never any trouble.”

And one user added: “Why? We’re rivals. I don’t want their flag up in bars and I don’t want our flag up in theirs. Beautiful country, love the cities I’ve been to there, but we’re rivals when it comes to football and should stay that way.”

Some on social media agreed with the original post, with one user saying: “Am up from Friday to Monday morning, so that’s one bar I will give a miss.”

A spokesman for Tennent's Bar said: "We have decorated the bar in preparation for the Euros kicking off this week, with flags of all nations involved on display throughout the pub.

"We’re excited to welcome fans from all countries to the bar throughout the tournament, where they can comfortably enjoy every game and soak up what will be a great atmosphere.”