WE begin this review of a Greek restaurant in Airdrie in an obvious place: the 1990s, naturally. They were wild and at the risk of upsetting some of the more experienced readers of these reviews, a decade I’ve only really known through the lens of adulthood. 

Pull at any thread of the 90s’ pop culture and the madness of it all begins to unravel: they even made a Spice Girls movie, for goodness sake! 

It’s always been a bit strange to see so many of its references show the kind of staying power that would make Glasgow’s potholes blush and this brings me to Austin Powers.

Glasgow Times: The Spice Girls The Spice Girls I had not seen Austin Powers before Saturday night, but, I’d have had no trouble throwing in a line or recognising a scene. 

How did the film compare to the hype? Well, one hour and 34 minutes of Mike Myres and Liz Hurley ticked on by with barely a laugh, proving some things just aren’t worth the hype. 

Others most definitely are and I am delighted to report that Airdrie’s Zante falls into this category.

What a delight it was, even if I still can’t quite understand why anyone from the beautiful Greek islands would choose to live in my fair town – described as God’s country by me and only me – but I am glad they have. 

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My fiancee and I had been to Zante before but decided to take the chance of trying out its home delivery and we were not disappointed. 

After ordering on their website – one downside being the restaurant isn’t on JustEat but that’s really a minor gripe – the food arrived in plenty of time and was perfectly presented. 

We opted to be as expansive as you can when jetting off on a Greek odyssey, with my fiancee going for chicken souvlaki and me the moussaka and both lived up to expectations. 

Each bite was better than the last, my dish offering the perfect explosion of flavour tinged with enough nostalgia of holidays of old (if you can remember them). 

Glasgow Times: Liz Hurley and Mike Myers in Austin Powers Liz Hurley and Mike Myers in Austin Powers

The souvlaki, meanwhile, defied its simple appearance to leave us both wanting more.

The tzatziki on the side was the perfect cherry on top. 

Each dish came with chips, which were absolutely solid but it’s not the reason you’d order a Zante. 

It’s because the Greek food is groovy, baby.