SELFISH drivers are creating an “accident waiting to happen” by parking dangerously at the popular Silverburn shopping centre.

Staff have blasted drivers parking on double yellow lines near the Pollok entrance bus terminal, while others take up an “emergency vehicles only” bay close to the McDonald’s restaurant.

However, it’s been warned the issue is leaving other drivers in danger as they are being forced to straddle both lanes to avoid badly parked vehicles on Cowglen Road.

One retail staff member, who asked not to be named, said: “If you’re travelling into the centre from the Peat Road side you have no choice but to enter the opposite lane, but it’s quite a tight bend so you’re basically driving in to oncoming traffic.

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“A lot of people use it to pick up collections from the restaurants as that entrance is closest to them but there’s no parking there.

Glasgow Times:

“There’s really no excuse because you could drive another two minutes along the road and park safely. It’s just laziness.”

Calls have now been made for Silverburn’s security team to tackle the issue and make it more difficult for those breaking the rules.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “We are aware of recurrent parking issues in this area and our parking attendants have been very active recently, moving cars on and issuing penalty charge notices where necessary

“The road regulations exist to ensure that traffic can move as freely and safely as possible and drivers are expected to observe these rules at all times.

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“Where ever we find evidence of drivers contravening parking restrictions we will take enforcement action and we will continue to monitor closely this area next to Silverburn shopping centre.”

Silverburn did not respond to requests for comment.