SCOTLAND ace John McGinn has backed a pupil's efforts to convince her teacher to let her school watch the Euros. 

St Stephen's Primary School pupil Poppy Lord has called on Ms Crombie to let the school watch the UEFA competition because it could inspire her fellow pupils to follow their dreams.

Scotland's clash against the Czech Republic kicks off during class time at 2 pm on Monday.

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The Clydebank school posted Poppy's letter on Twitter which said: "I’m writing this letter to you to give you some reasons why you should consider letting the school watch the Euro Football competition.

"This competition may just seem like a football game but it is so much more than that.

"This game could inspire so many children to follow their dreams, imagine the smile on our beautiful faces if Scotland scored a goal.

"Another reason that I think it is important is, it is part of our culture and would show that we are true Scots."

The bold youngster added: "My dad said that in 1998 he got to watch the World Cup in his primary school, so why shouldn’t we?

"The Euros start at 2 pm, so we could do all of our school work then watch it in the afternoon.

"Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read my letter."

The moment captured the imagination of McGinn who shared the letter and said: "Some letter Poppy and an even better school! C'mon Ms Crombie."

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Now the school has launched an online vote asking Twitter followers if they should let pupils watch the game.