A MAN was knocked unconscious by a punch after he instigated a fight with a stranger.

Vagifs Mamedovs punched the man to the head, causing him to fall to the ground.

The 36-year-old appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Wednesday after previously pleading guilty to engaging in a stand-up fight outside the Alexander Thomson Hotel on April 30 last year.

The procurator fiscal depute said: “The accused went to enter the hotel with a carrier bag containing alcohol. He was stopped by staff and informed he was not permitted to take alcohol inside. He began to argue, and this argument continued for a few minutes.”

The court heard that the complainer, who was also a resident at the hotel, was near to the entrance with another man at the time the argument was taking place.

The procurator fiscal went on to say: “The argument then escalated to a fight between the accused and the complainer.

“The accused punched the complainer to his face and knocked him unconscious, causing him to fall to the ground.

“He was told to return to his room, which he did. The door steward attended to the complainer, who was conveyed to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.”

The court heard that the complainer was found to be intoxicated and required seven stitches to a 2cm laceration on his upper lip.

Glasgow Times:

Police traced Mamedovs at the city centre hotel and he was arrested.

Mamedovs’ solicitor said: “The other two residents appeared to be the ones instigating the violence and looking for a fight. Punches are seen to be thrown between all three men on CCTV footage.

“The incident very quickly moves off from the camera view. What witnesses are saying is that the punch which caused the complainer to fall to the ground, is by the accused.”

She went on to say: “Everything that happens in this case is very unfortunate.

“The accused attended at the hotel because he lost his employment due to the pandemic, and then lost the property that he rented. It was his first time turning up having been directed by homeless services.”

Sheriff Paul Brown told Mamedovs: “The injury caused here was serious. However, I’m told that the complainer is one of two men who instigated the violence, and the Crown seems to take no issue with that. I note you have a very good character and no previous convictions. The report says you are hardworking.

“Come back in six months’ time, and I’ll ask the Crown for a good behaviour report. If there is no further offending, we can draw a line under this matter. If there’s more offending, we will take a more serious disposal.”