It is predicted that 65% of today’s 5-year-olds will work in job roles that do not currently exist. Studies also show that children begin to make judgments about their career aspirations from as early as the age of 4, and can start to limit their ambition by the time they are seven.

We believe that planning for the future should start as early as possible, so we have come up with a novel solution to ensure the children of today are suitably equipped for the workplace of tomorrow - by launching a ‘Course of the Future’ with a 12-year waiting list.

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It is no secret that parents and guardians are a vital influence on young children’s aspirations, and so it’s important they talk to them about the future from an early age. This helps to lay the initial foundations and broaden their horizons about what they want to be when they grow up.

There will be jobs available in 15 years’ time which now seem closer to science fiction films than potential career opportunities, but we only have to look at the rate of technological change over the last decade and a half to forecast what lies ahead.

Our teaching staff have predicted of the types of job roles that will feature heavily in the labour market in 2035, spanning across areas such as artificial intelligence, pioneering computer programming, cryptocurrencies, robotics and aerial drones.

The launch of this ‘Course of the Future’ highlights the importance of opening doors as early as possible for the next generation and aims to feed the imagination, presenting a world of possibilities as children are beginning to think about their own ambitions.

By enquiring through the Glasgow Clyde College website, parents can unlock fun-filled advice and an interactive game which will help them begin talking to their little one about the changing world and the types of possibilities that future jobs can hold.

To coincide with the course announcement, we have also released a short film that sees some of our former students explain their high-tech jobs - a drone pilot, an eSports tournament director and app developer - to inquisitive Primary 1 pupils.

At Glasgow Clyde College, we want our students to get future ready and we are committed to providing the best, and most up to date, learning programmes. Evidence shows us that planning for the future should start as early as possible, so we’re delighted to be helping the kids of today plan for the jobs of tomorrow.