The Green Brigade have aimed another pop at the board members they claim are 'unfit for purpose'.

We told how the fan group have slaughtered the boardroom for the past number of weeks with banners outside the stadium highlighting how long it took to bring in Neil Lennon's managerial replacement.

Now they have taken a swipe at Dermot Desmond, majority shareholder, incoming chief executive Dominic McKay and chairman Ian Bankier among others.

Sharing a photo of their new banner which says 'A Board Like No Other' and has pictures of members crossed out, North Curve Celtic on social media wrote: "Dermot Desmond, Ian Bankier, Dom McKay, Brian Wilson, Thomas Allison, Sharon Brown, Chris McKay, Michael Nicholson.

"A board unfit for purpose."

Their accusations come just one day after Ange Postecoglou was appointed new manager at the club.