Police Scotland has revealed the number of fines handed out for breaches to Covid-19 guidance in the past week.

The data set out how many times gatherings were dispersed, and the number of Fixed Penalty Notices issued under new police powers brought in to reduce the spread of the virus.

Officers were given the power to break up house parties breaching social gathering rules on August 28, 2020.

Breaches have dropped significantly in recent weeks as all areas of Scotland have moved to Level 2 or lower. 

However, even in those levels, these gatherings are limited with a maximum of six people allowed to socialise indoors in levels two and one, which is increased to eight in level 0.

Since March 27, more than 16,910 Fixed Penalty Notices (FTN) have been handed out and 968 people have been arrested in connection with Covid-19 breaches. 

This week the highest number of FPN were issued in Glasgow City Centre, followed by Glasgow East. 

How many times police were called out:

Despite indoor gatherings now being allowed across the country, a number of groups were still advised to disperse. 

Here is how the data has been looking since the start of the new police powers.