MORE than £28 million will be spent on a new education campus at St Joseph’s Primary School to enhance learning for generations of young people.

A report presented to members of West Dunbartonshire Council’s educational services committee detailed plans to construct the £28.86m Faifley Campus which will incorporate St Joseph’s Primary co-located with Edinbarnet Primary, an education resource centre, Auchnacraig and Lennox early learning and childcare centres (ELCCs), an additional support needs base, a community library and community space.

St Joseph’s was one of four options spread across three sites including Skypoint community centre, Edinbarnet primary school and Auchnacraig ELCC.

On Wednesday, June 9 members held a lengthy debate on where the project should be developed.

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Labour councillor John Mooney said: “The feedback from the consultation states that 42% of respondents did not have children attending nursery or school meaning that opinions were given by individuals who were not going to use the facilities for educational purposes.

“That would include me as I am a Faifley resident, but it was just to make it clear that all Faifley residents are perfectly entitled to take part in the consultation. Perhaps the opinion of people who are not using the school might be different from those who are.”

Chairwomen of the committee councillor Karen Conaghan confirmed that anyone who lives in Faifley is entitled to comment on the consultation, to give their opinion and to have that valued.

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Councillor Conaghan said: “This is something I hope will regenerate the area and add value to it. Everyone who has commented and everyone who will comment is really important to us. We want to use this as a springboard for further regeneration within the Faifley area.

“This will be a community facility as well.”

During the meeting, members heard the St Joseph’s site was most suitable for the new campus as it provides the opportunity to carry out a tandem build without disrupting the education of pupils on site.

Following the discussion members agreed to build the super campus at St Joseph’s.