A FED-UP woman has launched a bid to build more public toilets across the city after she noticed more people urinating in public places.

Patricia Fort, who lives close to Glasgow Green claims she has noticed an increase in the number of people leaving the park in search of a public toilet due to the prolonged closure of the People’s Palace which provided facilities.

She said: “I have the good fortune to live near Glasgow Green, but we have been blighted over the last couple of months in the good weather by people leaving the Green in the search for a toilet.”

Glasgow Times: Patricia and her neighbour Silja are backing moves to build more public toilets. Pics: Colin MearnsPatricia and her neighbour Silja are backing moves to build more public toilets. Pics: Colin Mearns

Patricia has also done volunteering work with a well-known homeless charity in the city and worries about people on the streets as well as workers such as postmen. She added: “For service users it is really difficult when they need the toilet. I see posties about too and they’re in uniform so they can go into pubs or the high court, but sometimes they can’t.”

She often has to plan her days out around toilet facilities and believes this may be the case across the city. Patricia said: “When I get to thinking, it’s not just Glasgow Green, it is right across the whole city. People are planning their trips out to ensure that, if they need one, they are not too far from a toilet.”

Glasgow Times:

Patricia is hoping that her petition will encourage the council to think about providing more public toilet facilities. She believes they have a ‘moral obligation’ to provide more public facilities. She said: “I am hoping that the council actually do something to build more of these basic facilities. I would also like to see them clearly signposted. The council say it is on the website, but are people coming here really going to look at the website?

“Even if it means taxes have to go up – I’m not that naive.”

Her petition has called on the council to liaise with other public bodies including community councils or provide other innovative solutions such as portaloos or Paris-style “pissoirs” which would give privacy. She has also called for the council to ensure libraries and museums allow people access to use toilets.

Patricia’s petition has already had some success as she received an e-mail telling her that the People’s Palace would re-open later this month for people to access toilet facilities but is hoping to secure more support across the city.

A spokeswoman from Glasgow City Council said: “We are aware of the petition as we have an established process that allows Glasgow residents to raise issues of concern directly with the council. While we have a number of public toilets within our parks there are public buildings with toilets which are operating albeit on a limited capacity.

“Temporary toilets or portaloos tend not to be popular and the logistics of deploying and keeping clean are challenging.

“We’re always keen to explore opportunities with partners where practicable however the ongoing pandemic continues to play a part in making this more difficult.”