STEVE Clarke has wished Christian Eriksen, the Denmark player who suffered a cardiac arrest during the Euro 2020 match against Finland in Copenhagen on Saturday evening, a full recovery on behalf of the Scotland squad.

And Clarke has expressed his disappointment at the television coverage of Eriksen’s collapse - which the BBC issued a public apology for yesterday.

The broadcaster showed the former Spurs player receiving CPR from medical staff after collapsing at the side of the pitch before his team mates gathered around him to form a human shield. 

Clarke, whose men take on the Czech Republic at Hampden in their first Group D match at Hampden this afternoon, has admitted he was unable to watch and had to leave the Scotland hotel.

“It was a horrible incident,” he said Clarke. “Listen, the only thing for me to say on behalf of my staff, my players and everybody at the Scottish FA is that we wish Christian Eriksen a full and quick recovery.

“I hope his family - who must have found the whole ordeal extremely traumatic - are okay. I hope they get a lot of support and they come through it together. That’s the main thing to say about the incident.

“It was just horrible. As soon as I saw the incident I actually turned the television off and I just went for a walk. It just wasn’t nice to see.

“The Danes are in our World Cup group so the vast majority of our players were watching the game and it was tough. All we can do is wish Christian Eriksen and his family all the best.

“What I would say is that I thought the TV coverage was really poor. They should have cut away from the incident as soon as it happened. Everyone could tell immediately it was serious so I didn’t think that part of it played out very well.”

The BBC stated the in-stadium coverage was controlled by host broadcaster UEFA.