A MAN approached undercover police officers and told them he was going to have sex with their children.

Aaron Hawkins walked up to an unmarked police vehicle at traffic lights on Gordon Street in Glasgow’s city centre on April 27.

He appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court to be sentenced after he shouted, swore and made derogatory remarks to officers, as well as kicking another.

The prosecutor said: “The accused approached the vehicle and began to shout f*****g police, f**k the police.

“Efforts were made to prevent further shouting. The accused refused to desist. Police officers exited the vehicle, and he was placed under arrest.

“Within the vehicle he was shouting f*****g p***s. F*****g proddy b******s. I’m going to s**g your s****y kids’.

“On arrival at Cathcart police office, he remained extremely hostile. Whilst within a holding cell he required to be restrained. He kicked out and hit a police officer’s shin.”

Glasgow Times:

Hawkins’ defence solicitor explained that his client has had a troubled existence.

He said: “An incident happened with the police when he was 19 which has had a prolific effect on him. That person was disciplined but was not prosecuted so he has a bad reaction to the establishment.”

In another incident on October 23, 2019, Hawkins assaulted a custody officer who assisted him to hospital.

The court heard: “At around 11.30pm the accused was conveyed to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and admitted because he had taken a seizure.

“Scans were taken, and whilst being conveyed to a ward to await results, he became increasingly agitated towards two custody officers.

“They attempted to calm him down, however, he refused. They had to restrain him.

“Security staff were contacted. Both custody officers continued to attempt to restrain the accused. He was waving his arms around and hit one of the officers. She had a 1cm laceration to her head which required to be glued.”

Hawkins’ defence solicitor said the 27-year-old, of Provanmill Road, has difficulties with his mental health.

He added: “He’s getting to the stage that he has realised he needs the support or simply he will have a worthless existence due to getting into trouble and spending time in prison.

“A lot of his bad behaviour is due to alcohol. He reacted favourably to an alcohol assessment and says that could benefit him.

“He has spent six weeks in custody. I would ask you to defer sentence for an alcohol assessment.”

But Sheriff Daniel Kelly said custody was the only appropriate option.

He jailed Hawkins for five months.