A PODCAST series showcasing the stories of people from the East End is looking for new voices.

Started earlier this year “Tales Fae the East” is an artist in residence programme which is part of city-wide programme Creative Communities: Artist in Residence Programme, managed by Glasgow City Council and funded by Glasgow Life.

Artist in residence, Alasdair Satchell, who is recording the episodes for the project said that the aim is to tell everyday stories. He added: “What really appeals to me is the notion of every day people. It is about finding people who are humble and don’t think they have much to say.”

From travelling show people to hairdressers, the series has already followed a wide variety of people.

It follows the areas of Denniston and Haghill and the conflict between the new and old East End. Alasdair was especially keen to focus on Dennistoun due to it recently being billed as the eighth coolest neighbourhood in the world.

Some of the stories Alasdair has showcased include that of well-known journalist Stuart Cosgrove, who writes a column for our sister paper The National. He settled in Dennistoun 26 years ago and has seen the changes the area has gone through including the price of a coffee on Duke Street.

Glasgow Times:

In doing the podcast, Alasdair has discovered the community spirit that underpins the East End.

Alasdair said: “There are so many great stories like this.

“One of the women I spoke to said that depending on which direction she walks to work, she will know who she is going to meet and it could take her over an hour to get there because of the time she spends catching up with everyone.”

Alasdair is now looking to speak to other Dennistounians who think they might have an interesting story to tell. He said: “It’s always the people who think they have nothing to say who have the best stories.”

The project is running podcasting classes for the local community which will take place in July. Anyone who might be interested in speaking to Alasdair and have their photo taken by photographer Tim Morozzo, can get in touch via info@tales-fae-the-east.com.