A RECENT press report claims that in recent months, house prices in Scotland have exploded, with estate agents making a mint.

The report claims that house prices are changing hands for more than £100 000 above the asking price. This obscene sum, is four times greater than the yearly gross earnings of a person on the minimum wage.

During the late Maggie Thatcher’s time in office, she forced local councils to sell off their housing stock at prices well below their estimated value.

This resulted with the more desirable areas in Glasgow being quickly sold off, at a thieves bargain, to sitting tenants.

With more private houses and former council houses coming on to the rental market, the greedy banks and building societies. found an additional way to massively increasing their profits, by offering to buy-to-let mortgages at a higher rate of interest.

With no hope of getting a housing association house, or getting their feet on the property ladder, has forced many young people to rent from the private sector, at rents in many cases, possibly many times double the landlord’s mortgage on the property.


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WE received lots of comments following our story on a woman’s plea for more public toilets in Glasgow. Here’s a selection of responses...

I ABSOLUTELY agree. There are no facilities anywhere, except Kelvingrove Park (need to share ladies facilities at present) and Botanic Gardens (not sure if they are open).

Michael Harris

GOOD luck with that one. Years ago when the council was closing down public toilets in the city, it was reported the council was installing more toilets, with showers, in the City Chambers for themselves.

Andrew Jamieson

I RELIED on Queen Street Station. However, now they want a train ticket. As a council tax payer, can I pop into the City Chambers?

George Craig

YES definitely, these are much-needed facilities, especially around Glasgow Green.

I am sure this has a massive impact on the amount of people visiting the area.

Catherine McCulloch

YES, definitely. I can’t take my kids to certain parks because off no toilets.

Suzanne Strickland