THE FATE of an old Glasgow school building will be decided by city councillors this week who will determine whether or not it should be saved.

Sir John Stirling Maxwell has lain empty for 10 years and has been subjected to decay and vandalism with metal thieves stripping the roof of valuable non-ferrous metal flashings, causing the building to suffer from water ingress and hastening its dilapidation.

In 2018, a campaign group was formed (“The Sir John Stirling Maxwell School Trust”) seeking the preservation of the building and a long-term sustainable use to be identified for it.

A condition survey of the building conducted in December 2019 highlighted how dilapidated the building had become, and, at the time of writing this report, the Trust has been unable to secure either investment funding or a sustainable future use for the building.

Glasgow City Council is now at a critical juncture in determining the future of this building and has three options to consider.

They can either spend up to £839,314 to complete additional stabilisation works and holding costs that will last for two-three years where a further uncontrolled collapse of the building would be less likely. During that time a long-term financially sustainable future for the building will have to be identified.

If the required investment is not approved, given that the structural stability of the building can no longer be guaranteed, an immediate move to full demolition should be made which is estimated to cost £225,000.

The third option is to work with the Trust who have engaged with architects who have been in discussion with architects looking at ways to carry out temporary repairs to the building. If this option is approved further recommendation on how to save the building will be presented at a future committee meeting.

All three possibilities will be presented to councillors on Thursday.