THERE are just three days left to sign up to an innovative new energy co-operative helping Glasgow hit its carbon neutral goals.

As told in the Glasgow Times last month, Glasgow Community Energy has been six years in the making but is now ready to start generating electricity.

Solar panels have been installed on the roofs of two schools, one in Pollokshields and one in Easterhouse, and the plan now is to expand to buildings across the city.

Residents are being given the chance to invest in community shares to raise £30,000 to fund the scheme.

Organisers say there is just under £2000 left to raise before the deadline on Friday.

The minimum investment is £50 and those who invest can also get involved in developing the project.

An information session is being held tonight on Facebook from 7pm til 8pm at

Or to sign up to see

Ellie Harrison, chairwoman of Glasgow Community Energy, said: "We're over the moon with all the support we've received from people all over the city.

"This project must have really struck a chord with people's desire to take action locally to address the global climate emergency that we face.

"This Community Share Offer is not just about raising the money we need to cover the capital costs solar panels.

"Because we're a co-operative, everyone who invests becomes a member.

"The more members we have all over Glasgow, the stronger we will be collectively when looking to expand the project to new sites and exploring other renewable energy technologies over the coming years."