A PHOTO of Steven Gerrard's smiling dog has went viral - as the cute pooch sits next to the Scottish Premiership trophy, looking "proud as f**k".

The Ranger's manager's daughter Lilly uploaded the image to her Instagram account yesterday, asking her 141k followers to follow a dog walking company. 

But one Rangers fan spotted the unusual grin on the poodle's face as it sat side by side the silverware. 

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The supporter took to Twitter and wrote, "I am actually Howlin at Gerrards dug looking proud as f**k next to the trophy man look at that smile lmfao."

Nearly 7,000 people have since liked the post. 

One person tagged their pal and wrote: "Sitting next to the trophy AND belly rubs fi Stevie G...this dug is living your dream life!!!!"

Rangers got their hands on the trophy on Saturday, May 15, after completing the season unbeaten with 32 wins and six draws.