B&M shoppers have been left “furious” following the release of a new 49p chocolate bar in UK stores.

The bargain store is a favourite among shoppers and is often where people can find products they may not be able to pick up elsewhere.

Now the budget chain has split opinion after it started to sell a new twist on the Kinder Bueno chocolate bar.

B&M has built a reputation for being the go-to store for customers trying to find new chocolate bars, including those that are often difficult to find.

Now the store has confirmed it is selling the coconut Bueno chocolate bar.

B&M posted a picture of the brand new chocolate treat on its Instagram account.

The caption read: "We're starting the day off with a treat - this tasty Kinder #Bueno coconut!

"Definitely going to be our new favourite - and they're just 49p! (SC: 376938).

"Thanks for sharing your photo @thenewfindsuk. Hands up if you NEED to try this?"

However, it seems many customers will not be flocking to their nearest B&M store to get their hands on the new item.

One social media user said: “Why u gotta go and ruin a perfectly decent bar?”

Another agreed: “Exactly! This has me furious at the world.”

Although it seems adding coconut to a Kinder Bueno is exactly what some chocolate fans have been missing.

“Omg, these look lush,” said one B&M customer.

“This looks unreal,” said another to which B&M replied: “Taste like a coconut paradise.”

The Kinder Bueno Coconut is a white chocolate and coconut-covered wafer with a smooth milk and hazelnut filling.

Each pack contains two fingers weighing approximately 39 grams and is available for 49p in B&M stores.