A ONCE promising Scots footballer who appeared on a TV show with Wayne Rooney and left a man with life-changing injuries has been locked up for four and a half years.

Ryan Wilson, 32, attacked Kevin Hammond after a minor row over a taxi outside a pub in Rutherglen, near Glasgow on December 8 2019.

The victim suffered a bleed to the brain, a fractured skull and is now only able to say one or two words.

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Wilson was sentenced after he pleaded guilty last month to assaulting Mr Hammond to his severe injury, permanent impairment and to the danger of his life.

He had initially gone on trial at the High Court in Glasgow in which the 51 year-old victim was not fit to testify.

Judge Sean Murphy QC also ordered Wilson to be supervised for a further three years on his release.

The thug previously featured on Sky's Wayne Rooney Coke Zero Street Striker in 2010.

He received praise from the then Manchester United star for his "technique and touch" with Wilson speaking of his "once in a lifetime opportunity".

Wilson had also once been on the books of Falkirk and Motherwell as well as playing for Scotland in the Homeless World Cup in 2010.

The attack occurred after a row about a taxi outside The Braes pub in Rutherglen.

Prosecutor Shanti Maguire said: “Wilson pushed Mr Hammond and punched him once on the head causing him to stagger and fall.

“A witness claimed that in her opinion he had lost consciousness before striking the ground.”

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The court heard the stricken victim was rushed to hospital and could have died had his injuries not been treated.

Describing the effect of what happened, Miss Maguire added: "He has suffered weakness to the right side of his body resulting in severe reduced mobility.

“His brain injury is categorised as very severe and has impairment across a range of functions such as language and memory."

The advocate depute added his speech is very limited but he is now able to walk, wash and dress himself.

The court also heard Jordan Wilson - no relation - attacked the victim's nephew Jamie Hammond after he went to the aid of his uncle.

The 27 year-old was struck on the head with a glass.

Jordan Wilson, 26, did go to trial and he was convicted of assaulting the man to his severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

Judge Murphy jailed Jordan Wilson for two years.