Ah brunch, the hipsters favourite meal of the day. There’s nothing better than waking up late and heading out for a lazy weekend overload of carbs, except maybe if those carbs were delivered directly to your door?

Those doughy dreams are made a reality thanks to Holy Moly Bagels, launched in February this year by ex-chef of 12 years Matthew Harris who is on a mission to show the city what a proper, quality bagel tastes like.

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Glasgow Times:

Matthew said: “I grew up eating bagels and realised I hadn’t had the kind I liked since I was a child so started to think that this might be something I could do professionally.

"I was in Thailand before lockdown hit so when I came back to Scotland I was living at home with my parents. As a form of rent I was baking for them regularly, then I started to branch out to friends and family. I never thought it would be so popular, I just saw it as a small project to tide me over.”

Glasgow Times:

What started as a ‘side hustle’ exploded onto the Glasgow food scene after bloggers began to share their rave reviews.

Matthew said “Honestly I knew that social media and Instagram were a big thing but I didn’t realise how powerful a tool it actually was for a new business until my sisters friend posted something - we sold out for three months after that.

"When I first started out I was doing maybe 40-60 bagels a week and then when our site went live I was able to do 90 a day, 6 days a week which was tiring to say the least.”

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Glasgow Times:

Four months down the line and thousands of bakes later, Holy Moly have upped the ante with their build-your-own style “Belter Box”, which includes six of their signature bagels and a selection of toppings like lemon and dill cream cheese or beetroot smoked salmon. We’re drooling.

Matthew said: “That was always the original plan, for the Belter Boxes to be our, main business. We’ve just not been able to before because of the demand for the bagels.

The boxes are good fun for us because we’re able to do something that’s not just bagels, I know that if I was just making hundreds of bagels all day every day then it would start to get tiring.

We’ve got to keep it things fresh for ourselves and the people ordering.”

Indulgent flavour combinations are at the heart of Holy Moly’s menu which strives to go beyond the usual sesame seed or plain offering, despite the fact that Matthew still believes you can’t beat a classic. He said “I wouldn’t same I’m a plain jane, far from it, but I think too many flavours take away from the bagel itself.

Our caramelised onion and jalapeno ones are probably the most popular with customers. They all sell well but interest in the traditional bagels has definitely tailed off a bit.”

After enjoying massive success as a delivery service Matthew is hopeful that he will soon be able to lay down some permanent roots in his local neighbourhood.

“I am looking for a shopfront in the South Side in the moment.

We’re taking our time and thinking about what we would like to do with it, would we open daily? Would we have filled bagels on site available to buy? It’s definitely our next step though.

If nothing else I’m sure my parents will be glad not to have people turning up at the house looking for bagels.”