Final year students have had a rough time of it this year...endless zoom breakout rooms, no clubs, the sad experience of submitting your dissertation from alone in your room.

Even worse, you’ve not been allowed out to get out and use those precious last few months of student discounts. You’re right to feel robbed, but all is not lost!

Our slow move out of lockdown leaves you with just enough time to rinse that student card for all it’s worth.

We’ve even helped you out by putting together this list of all the best ways you can do so right here in Glasgow – what are you waiting for?


It’s bittersweet. Raise a glass to the end of your uni days while knowing that you’ll never have a pint this cheap again.

There are lots of bars in town such as Committee room no.9 in the city centre who have decent student promos such as £2.99 for Tennents or £1.50 for shots. Remember always drink responsibly. 

Glasgow Times:


Adult tickets prices are eyewatering so make sure that now cinemas are open again you get in there quick.

Visiting the iconic GFT is an experience in itself and worth doing before your card runs, out regardless of what’s playing.

Sit back in one of their three beautiful screens, enjoy an independent film, and pretend you don’t hear the voice in the back of your head telling you you’re going to have to pay council tax soon. (Student ticket £7.90).

Glasgow Times:

Get your hair cut

Bet you’ve not had one since lockdown started. Or you’ve handed the kitchen scissors to your friend in desperation as if you didn’t know you would end up with an accidental mullet.

Let a professional from the likes of Alan Edwards Salon in Merchant City help you out with up to 30% off for students Monday to Thursdays.


This one’s obvious, but still noteworthy. The ultimate student card thrill has to be seeing the total of your spending spree slashed before your very eyes. All the usual suspects on the high street offer student discounts but it’s always worth remembering to shop sustainably where possible.

Many charity shops like Cancer Research on Queen street (15% off) or Vintage stores like The City Retro in Saltmarket (10%off) reduced prices for students so why not do some exploring?

Let your bank balance guilt you – not your conscience!

Glasgow Times:

Get Zen

As you come to the end of student life it’s time to start looking after your health. Or just try one class and wander around smugly with your matt afterwards. No judgement here.

All jokes aside, yoga has can have wonderful benefits for both your mental and physical health which more important than ever after a year of lockdowns. Why take the opportunity to give it a try for less at studios like Merchant City Yoga who offer a concession price of £9 for a drop-in class.

Glasgow Times:

Give Plant-Based food a go…

It’s 2021, let’s stop pretending vegans only eat leaves and seeds.

Get yourself down to Rose and Grants in Merchant City who do a fantastic version of Glasgow staple – lorne sausage and full breakfasts which pair brilliantly with a cheap pint induced hangover. (10% off the full menu)

…or stick to what you know.

If the thought of going a meal without meat and dairy leaves you cold then we’ve got you covered.

Bar Soba offers a massive 50% off their menu Sunday toThursday for students with pan-asian dishes like loaded Thai fries or classic chicken katsu curry.

Let your competitive side out

What better way to say goodbye to the loving friends you’ve made over the years than by crushing them completely in a sporting competition.

Hollywood bowl at Springfield Quay have student prices that make for a guaranteed night of fun.

Just don’t spend the money you’ve saved at the arcade. The claw grabber never gets the toy. Believe us, we’ve tried.