Summer in Glasgow is a beautiful thing. Long days, leafy green parks and the occasional glimpses of sun that serve as an instant mood booster for us all.

The one thing that threatens to ruin that sweet, seasonal bliss? Hayfever. Runny nose, stingy eye, scratchy skin inducing hayfever.

There is hope for that weekend BBQ yet though in the form of this simple remedy which is being hailed as a wonder cure for the debilitating condition: locally sourced, natural honey.

The internet has gone wild for claims which suggest that because local bees feast on the same pollen that is causing your hayfever, consuming their honey (which contains small traces of that pollen) will slowly build up your body’s immunity to it.

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Glasgow Times:

If you’re willing to give it a go then look no further than Ed’s Bees honey who have been keeping bees here in Glasgow for over 20 years.

Hives are kept in gardens all over the city from Pollokshields to the West End meaning that these bees will very likely be to be buzzing around the same pollen as nearby residents.

Tatenda, a team member at popular health food shop Locavore, personally believes that switching to local honey has helped to alleviate her hayfever symptoms.

She said: “We do get a lot of customers telling us that they use local honey for hayfever. It’s all anecdotal so it’s hard to say for sure, but I’ve got extreme hayfever and feel that it helps.

I’ve been eating local honey since about September last year and I can see a marked improvement, I definitely think it’s made a difference.”

Some buzz.

If you’re interested in testing the theory then you’re in luck. Much like the bees that produce it, stockists for Ed’s bees local honey can be found all over the city.

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Check out our list below for reference:

Locavore: Locavore has three locations across Glasgow: Victoria road, Garnethill and Partick. A firm favourite with the health and environmentally conscious, nip in for some zero waste essentials as well as the full range of Ed’s Bees.

George Mewes Cheese: Who says you can’t pick up some bread and cheese while you’re on the hunt for a sneeze free summer? West End favourite George Mewes cheesemonger is located on Byres Road.

Maxwell’s Grocers: This independent grocer on Nithsdale road specialises in showcasing the best of local produce so it’s no surprise you’ll find Ed’s Bees products here.

Sonny and Vito’s: This West End Deli stocks all kind of treats as well as Ed’s local honey. Charcuterie board anyone?