A NEW mural representing the "spirit of Govanhill" and drawn by primary pupils across the area is taking shape - with a little help from locals.

We Create Govanhill is a visual art project bringing together young people from primary and secondary schools in the area.

Glasgow Times:

Working with visual artist Beth Shapeero and mural artist Ursula Kam-Ling Cheng, pupils have helped create an original mural about what their area means to them.

But during the week of painting at Westmoreland Garden, members of the community have taken an interest and stepped in to help.

Glasgow Times:

Beth said: "When we started painting, Ursula did some litter picking in front of the wall and this guy stopped to ask what we were doing and said, 'I'll mow the lawn for you'.

Glasgow Times:

"Over two days he spent four or five hours a day mowing, being a true legend.

Glasgow Times:

"Kids and their parents use the area to sit in as a leisure space and have been really interested and asking to help.

Glasgow Times:

"We were able to let them do some painting as they were really keen to get involved.

Glasgow Times:

"I really feel we have been working amazingly with the residents."

Seven P7 classes from Cuthbertson, Holy Cross, St Bride’s and Annette Street primary schools received in-person workshops from Beth who helped them think about what Govanhill means to them.

Glasgow Times:

Beth said: "I got them to do drawings that gave a sense of Govanhill and a sense of place and community, given them prompts.

"I asked them if they were going to get a treat, where would they go so I got a lot of drawings of food places - What The Fudge was very popular.

Glasgow Times:

"Someone's dad works in Yadgar and they drew a picture of there. Lidl is also an important place in Govanhill.

"I also asked them what do they like to do in Govanhill - if they had a spare afternoon, what would be a really fun thing to do.

Glasgow Times:

"I had a really fun time going to every primary school in Govanhill, it was really nice to experience how great the classes are and how great the teachers are."

At the end of the sessions, Beth was given 1000 drawings to turn in to the mural design.

She and Ursula then worked with three secondary school pupils, Keira Groves from Shawlands Academy and Logan Graham and Lauren Gaffney from Holyrood Secondary School.

Ursula did a workshop with the young people, telling them what to think about when painting a mural.

Beth said: "It was great to have her experience. It's really challenging to scale up the drawings and then to have the confidence to paint something really massive.

"It was important to me that it represents the community and that, while it might be kids' drawings, it needs to look like it's been done by a professional."

Glasgow Times:

In the end, 200 drawings were chosen to go on the wall - drawings that represent the spirit and the look of Govanhill.

It will take a week to paint and is expected to be finished on Monday.

The project was carried out in partnership with Glasgow Education Services, Glasgow CREATE and Vox Liminis.

Chris Cunningham, City Convener for Education, Skills and Early Years, said: “This is a lovely project that’s bring together the schools of Govanhill and igniting the community spirit using colours and expression that has a language of its own.

"I can’t wait to see the results and well done to all involved in this artistic adventure."