POLICE have been slammed for allegedly racially profiling a black man who was going to cheer on Scotland at the Euros fan zone in Glasgow Green.

Darrel Douglas was entering the park on Friday night when he was hauled to the side by cops and frisked.

Glasgow Times:

A friend said that the search lasted 14 minutes and caused the pals to miss the start of the England versus Scotland match.

His case is being taken up by human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar, who said the 29-year-old was left “horrified and humiliated” by the search.

Glasgow Times:

Darrel was the only one of his group of four friends – who are all white – to be stopped and searched, said Mr Anwar.

He added: “The question is, why would you take the one black guy out of four, especially when they have come in together, surely one would assume that in the supply of drugs you would search all four.

Glasgow Times:

“Why pick out one of them? He understands that police have a job to do but as far as he’s concerned there was no reasonable explanation as to why he would be searched.

“Can you not be black and support Scotland? He didn’t even get an apology after they searched him.

Glasgow Times:

“He could only assume racial profiling had taken place so I will be seeking an explanation from Police Scotland”

His friend claimed the search was racially motivated because Darrel is black and noted his friend was being frisked as Scotland and England players got down on one knee to protest against racism and discrimination.

Glasgow Times:

An officer was filmed telling Darrel’s friend that he was being searched under powers available to police under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. The Act allows cops to stop and search members of the public who police have “reasonable grounds” to believe a person is in possession of illegal drugs.

Darrel was held by the wrist by one officer as another searched in his trousers and socks for drugs.

Glasgow Times:

The search turned up nothing and Darrel was allowed to go.

Stop and search powers are controversial and have been criticised for disproportionately targeting black people.

Statistics published by the UK Government earlier this year found that black people were searched far more often than any other ethnic group in England and Wales.

The rate for black people overall was 54 people stopped and searched per 1000 people, 34 for black Africans, 39 for black Caribbean and 157 for black other.

For white British people the rate was five per 1000 people stopped.

Black people in Scotland were searched at a rate of 0.6 per cent in Scotland between April and December last year, according to the country’s national force, roughly in line with the percentage of black people living in Scotland.

Police Scotland’s public advice on stop and search insists people will not be stopped because of age, sex, ethnic background or religion.

A spokeswoman for the force said: “Around 8pm on Friday, June 18, a man was stopped and searched as he entered the fan zone at Glasgow Green, the reasons for which were explained to him, as is required by the relevant legislation.

“The subsequent search was negative, and he carried on with his evening with no further action required.”

A spokesman for Uefa said the incident was a matter for police.