BOABY the Barman is finding it tough to adjust to life after the Clansman. 

Gavin Mitchell, the man who plays the famous Craiglang barkeep in Still Game, joined staff at popular High Street boozer McChuills for a bit of fun this morning. 

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After "smashing a glass", Boaby threw in the towel - literally - and walked out on "his first day". 

In the video, Mitchell said: "I just smashed one glass.

"Shove your job up your a***."

The pub posted the video of the heated exchange with the caption: "Boaby the Barman was in for his first shift today. Unfortunately, it didn't end well."

We told previously how Mitchell, who also played Callum McIntyre in Monarch of the Glen, has now been fully vaccinated after his second shot at the Hydro. 

He joked: "51 times I’ve played here and that was by far the quickest, easiest, and least stressful performance of them all."