There were almost 10,000 domestic abuse incidents reported in Glasgow in the last year, the latest statistics have shown.

In more than eight out ten cases the aggressor was male and the victim female and the offence recorded most often was common assault on 34% of all incidents.

They were most likely to take place in the victim’s home and the perpetrator was mostly an ex-partner.

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Across Scotland police recorded 62,907 incidents of domestic abuse in 2019-20, an increase of 4% , the fourth annual increase in a row . In Glasgow the number was 9539.

The city had one of the highest rates in Scotland, only Dundee and Clackmannanshire had a higher rate.

Dundee City was 166 per 10,000 population, Clackmannanshire was 152 and Glasgow City was 151.

Keith Brown Justice Secretary, said “These statistics are a stark reminder of the unacceptable levels of domestic abuse that occur in Scotland.

Glasgow Times:

“A person’s home should be a place of safety and we know that is not always the case and that women are disproportionately victims of domestic abuse.”

Opponents however said the problem was being made worse by SNP government policies.

Pauline McNeill, Labour justice spokeswoman, said: “These shameful figures must shock us into action.

“More needs to be done across Scottish society to tackle domestic abuse but we must see Police Scotland and the Scottish Government lead from the front.

Glasgow Times:

Jamie Greene, Conservative justice spokesman, said: “These figures show that the SNP have completely failed to tackle rising domestic abuse cases despite warnings from all quarters.”