I was appalled to read that our paramedics responded to more than 230 alcohol-related call-outs every day.

The majority of these calls would most likely be avoided if booze had not been consumed. These calls cost our NHS service millions of pounds.

I think we need to prioritise tackling alcohol issues across this country as soon as possible.

J Scott


LITTER in Glasgow is a bloody disgrace. Out taking my dug for a walk earlier and there was so much rubbish, my dug was walking about with crisp packets as shoes. Get something done about it, pronto!

Bobby Bob Weir

THIS is absolutely shocking (‘Woman thrown out of Glasgow’s Horseshoe bar slapped manager and spat at cop’, Glasgow Times, June 22)!

No wonder Covid rates in Glasgow are through the roof when drunken idiots like this are out there putting people in danger.

It’s ridiculous that family events are still under such tight restrictions when every Saturday night the town is filled with people pouring out of bars at closing time.

I understand that the hospitality industry is suffering –it’s the public’s behaviour that needs to change. Over a year into the pandemic, grown adults should know better.

Bar workers should not be subject to such terrible abuse when they’re only trying to do their jobs. Tougher action needs to be taken to combat these selfish gits or Glasgow is heading straight back into another lockdown.

Victoria Park

BUDAPEST, Copenhagen – football crowds 60 of 60,000-70,000 at matches with no social distancing or masks.

Someone here in Scotland is telling us lies about this virus because she can’t afford to open the country up because it would give the Scottish people an insight what independence would be like.

She is dependent on Rishi Sunak and the Furlough Scheme.

Danny McLean

I NOTE the council is thinking of re-introducing a bulk refuse uplift charge. I would suggest Councillor Richardson, the leader of the Council, Susan Aitken and the Chief Executive of Glasgow City Council should take a walk around the backcourts of Govanhill to see the gravity of the situation.

I think the council will make backcourts worse.

You only need to look on every street corner and see fly-tipping everywhere.

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