I have been dying to try Old Salty's for ages. The West End chippy has been a popular spot for years and when somewhere is always mobbed, it has to be good right?

So with that thinking in mind I put my order in via Deliveroo. The takeaway app allows for pick up which worked out well for me finishing work as I could grab my food on the way home.

Looking at the menu, it pretty much had everything you expect from a traditional chippy offering - and a wee bit more.

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Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

To start I went for the veggie pakora while my partner opted for mussels in a roasted tomato, basil and chilli sauce.

I then chose the obvious fish supper and he went for a haggis and chips. We both got portions of curry sauce. Is it just me who can't have a chippy without curry sauce?

We arrived at the chippy a bit early and waited for our order. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed to see that the shop itself had other things on the menu for takeaway that I didn't see on the Deliveroo app such as onion rings - which is always my favourite thing to get.

Disappointment aside I waited on my order and was greeted by a rather pleasant fryer who was really chatty and polite. Top customer service marks for him.

We got home to tuck into the meal and my partner loved the mussels especially the sauce which was full of flavour.

I thought the pakora was really tasty and could rival anything I have had out of an Indian. But chippies shouldn't be known for amazing pakora, it should be their suppers - am I right?

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Glasgow Times:

This is where we were let down. The suppers had no salt or vinegar. Granted I am not 100 per cent sure if this was an app option that I forgot to tick - but I wasn't even asked at pick up.

My fish was standard, I have had better to be honest and the chips were a bit dry. They just didn't feel like chippy chips. You want them greasy and full of flavour.

My partner said that the haggis had no flavour whatsoever. He was really disappointed as he had big expectations.

Glasgow Times:

Will I go back? Probably not. I think I had expected more from this Byres Road chippy but was let down by the suppers.

While the starters were good, you go to a chippy for its suppers and in this takeaway test Old Salty's missed the mark.


Glasgow's West End Type of Food Chip shop


Vegetable Pakora £4.95

Mussels £7.95

Cod supper £9.95

Haggis supper £7.50

Curry sauce x 2 £3.90

Diet coke £1.95

Diet Irn Bru £1.95


Delivery time

Spot on for collection