A MEETING of Glasgow City Council has been cut short due to IT issues – with the Lord Provost describing it as “a farce”.

The final full council meeting before councillors go into recess next month was stopped as members were repeatedly unable to access the Microsoft Teams call.

Lord Provost Philip Braat put forward a motion to adjourn the meeting, which passed after a vote.

He said: “I’m very unhappy with the IT system. It’s been going for several months now. This needs to be solved once and for all.

“There is no guarantee that if we proceed with the meeting that there will not be a recurrence of the issues.”

Mr Braat added it was “completely unacceptable” for the largest council in Scotland.

“This is obviously now officially a farce. There are too many people coming in and out.”

Some councillors were regularly kicked out the call while others had issues with their microphone or camera.

Cllr Greg Hepburn, the council’s business manager, said he suspected the issue was related to a required update.

He added he was “uncomfortable” continuing when people are not in the meeting and should be.

Council leader Susan Aitken said: “Clearly we are in an unprecedented situation and it’s not an equitable situation.

“I am not content for this to go on. It’s not moving us forward at all.”

The city’s Conservative group and Green councillors, who both had motions to put forward, wanted to continue the meeting, but the SNP and Labour were in favour of adjourning.

Cllr Jon Molyneux, of the Green group, said: “I do think if we are above quorum then the meeting should proceed.

“We need to give time for people to get back in.”

The meeting will now take place after recess.

The council has been meeting virtually throughout the pandemic but it has not had to cancel any previous full council meetings due to IT issues. There have been technical problems, with some members unable to gain access.