REFUGEES and asylum seekers across the city will come together for a vigil to mark the first anniversary of Glasgow's Park Inn attack.

On June 26 2020, Badreddin Abadlla Adam, 28, stabbed six people and was shot dead by police outside of the Park Inn hotel on West George Street.

On Saturday, group Refugees for Justice will gather on George Square at 1pm for a socially distanced "moment of remembrance and unity."

Refugees for Justice programme coordinator Pinar Aksu said: "We want to mark the anniversary of what happened last year, by remembering our friends and all of the people seeking asylum in our city who lost their lives. We want June 26 to be a day when we all come together in a moment of remembrance and unity."

People across the city are encouraged to attend the commemoration to remember the victims of the attack. There will be stations available with hand sanitiser and masks. 

Refugees for Justice is also campaigning for an inquiry into why refugees and asylum seekers were moved from their homes into hotel accommodation at the height of the pandemic.

The group claim social distancing was 'impossible' at the hotels and concerns were repeatedly raised about unsafe conditions as well as the lack of access to support.

Ms Aksu added: "Refugees for Justice is calling for justice, accountability and change, not just on behalf of those immediately affected by the awful events of last year, but for everyone who loves this city and is proud to live here. We were all shaken by what happened, and we all need to understand what went wrong and why."