A ROYAL Mail employee who was thrown into the air after a driver took a wrong turn up a one-way system missed weeks of work.

The man was crossing the road at Naver Street, Riddrie, when the accident took place on October 5, 2018.

Bryan McConnell, 42, appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Thursday after previously pleading guilty to dangerous driving and causing serious injuries to his victim.

The man he hit suffered from three broken bones in his left foot as well as fractured ribs and was signed off work for 10 weeks as a result of his injuries.

The prosecutor said: “The accused was driving his car along Cumbernauld Road.

“He turned right into a one-way system. At this time, the complainer was walking along and checked for oncoming traffic before entering the road.

“The accused collided with the complainer after turning into the street the wrong way. The complainer was thrown up onto the air and onto the vehicle then landed on the ground, sustaining injuries.

“This was witnessed by a passer-by, who, along with the accused, immediately attended to provide assistance. Ambulance and police were contacted.

“Officers attended and the accused made open admissions stating he couldn’t believe he had entered a one-way system the wrong way and blamed the collision on poor visibility caused by the low sun.

“The accused was requested to identify the driver of the vehicle and in response stated, ‘it was me, Bryan McConnell’.”

The victim was taken to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary for treatment.

Glasgow Times:

Meanwhile, McConnell’s car had to be uplifted due to a smashed windscreen.

After missing 10 weeks of work, the victim returned and was put on light duties for two months. He has since fully recovered, but still gets some pain.

McConnell’s solicitor explained that his client, from Kilmarnock, was visiting a friend and that the area was unfamiliar to him.

He went on to say: “He didn’t notice the no entry sign. This is an incident that has affected him. He is deeply anxious about it and the feeling of guilt has not left him. He has since sold his vehicle.

“He is extremely remorseful and accepted full responsibility. He collided with the pedestrian as soon as he turned. But he immediately got out to assist him. He also gave the man his full name and details."

The Royal Mail employee received a pay-out courtesy of McConnell's insurance company.

But Sheriff Mary Shields ordered McConnell to pay £1000 in compensation himself and carry out 140 hours of unpaid work.

He was also disqualified from driving for nine months.